“We All Need Parks” isn’t just our slogan. It’s a fact.

We all need fresh air, clean and safe water, a place to get away and enjoy nature – either alone or with our friends and family.

We’re pleased to share our first video highlighting what parks and open spaces bring to our communities.


Spanish video:


Parks and open spaces are good for community health and quality of life.  And that is a goal shared by ALL the residents of Los Angeles County.

A potential local funding measure under consideration by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will renew expiring, dedicated local funding for parks and open space needs.  This assessment per square foot of developed property will be used to do things like:

  • Ensure safe play areas and reduce gang activity
  • Protect local water resources
  • Support and maintain neighborhood county and city parks
  • Protect and preserve open space, beaches and special places including museums and zoos

Every community in the County will benefit from a healthier and safer LA.