Our Parks Need Us!


After many months of study and hundreds of hours of community input, we presented our comprehensive Needs Assessment Report to the LA County Board of Supervisors.

Some key findings:

51% of County residents don’t live within a 10-minute walk (1/2 a mile) of a park

Parks create safer and healthier communities, offering places for people to gather, exercise, relax and breathe fresh air.  Without access to parks and open spaces, our neighborhoods feel less connected and our citizens have become more vulnerable to diseases and negative health outcomes related to a sedentary lifestyle.

58% of park amenities in the county are either in poor or fair condition and 80% of county parks have infrastructure that is either fair or poor

The Needs Assessment identified that nearly every community in the county has some kind of important recreational need, including many existing parks that have fallen into some type of disrepair.

Access to clean drinking and safe places for children to play.  Recreational opportunities for all.  And places to gather that are modern, accessible and secure.  These are just some of the critical needs identified as a result of the assessment.


The Needs Assessment prioritized 1,800 projects across Los Angeles based on community input and need

The County Board of Supervisors has directed us to write ballot measure that would establish a dedicated local funding source for these priority projects throughout LA County. 

We will be presenting our recommendations for a dedicated local funding source at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, June 21.

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